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19 August 2018, 7:14 am

Australia's federal government announced on S ...

19 August 2018, 5:56 am

A deluge in India's flood-stricken southweste ...

19 August 2018, 5:53 am

A fresh tremor of 6.3 magnitude struck the Indones ...

19 August 2018, 4:46 am

A massive quake of magnitude 8.2 struck in the Pac ...

19 August 2018, 4:25 am

(This version of Aug. 18 story corrects gender in ...

18 August 2018, 10:10 pm

Mexican officials are investigating the recent dea ...

18 August 2018, 7:56 pm

A federal appeals court on Friday ordered the Trum ...

18 August 2018, 9:46 am

Australia's worst drought in a generation is ...

18 August 2018, 8:50 am

Ernesto was downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone ...

18 August 2018, 7:09 am

Strong winds intensified bushfires burning across ...

18 August 2018, 12:19 am

A magnitude 6.0 quake struck southern Costa Rica o ...

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